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Autoimmune - Blots (BlueDots)

This chapter contains two product lines. The group BlueDot is manufactured by D-tek Mons, Belgium while the group MASTABLOT is manufactured at Mast Diagnostica GmbH in Reinfeld, Germany.

BlueDot is a unique immunodot system using polyester supported nitrocellulose membrane strips coated with a comprehensive range of highly specific antigens. Antigen mixtures which contain a blue dye for in-process quality control are sprayed onto the membrane in “dot” form.
Each strip has a built-in Positive control for validation of correct handling.and a built-in Negative control for easy and correct clinical interpretation.

Interpretation system
In the BlueDot system the sample under investigation creates an individual background reaction on the Negative Control Dot, which represents the Cut-off value of the test.
The patented system is autoreactive and no external control is necessary.
Positive Result : A sample is positive for a specific antibody if the colour intensity of the corresponding Antigen Dot is higher than the intensity of the Negative Control Dot.
Negative Result : A sample is negative for a specific antibody if the colour intensity of the corresponding Antigen Dot is lower than or equal to the intensity of the Negative Control Dot.
Your Advantages:

  • No additional calibrators
  • No external control
  • No additional calculation in profile testing
  • Stable polyester supported membrane
  • Easy Interpretation
  • Easy and permanent documentation due to:
     -Adhesive back of the strips
     -Test name printed on the strips
     -Numbered strips
     -Interpretation table provided
     -Software for Interpretation available

MASTABLOTs are manufactured at Mast Diagnostica GmbH, Germany while all BlueDot Kits are manufactured at D-tek Mons, Belgium.

Product Name    
BlueDot ANA 12 - 24 tests 66ANA12D
BlueDot ANA screen - 24 tests 66ANA12S
BlueDot ANCA + GBM - 24 tests 66ANCAGD
BlueDot APS IgG - 24 tests 66APSGD
BlueDot Connectivitis 10 - 24 tests 66CT10D
BlueDot Cytoplasma 6 - 24 tests 66CY6D
BlueDot ENA + Nucleosom - 24 tests 66NUENAD
BlueDot ENA6 - 24 tests 66ENAD
BlueDot Intrinsic Factor - 24 tests 66IFD
BlueDot Liver 5 - 24 tests 66LISD
BlueDot Liver 7 - 24 tests 66LI7D
BlueDot Milk Intolerance - 24 tests 66BSD
BlueDot Polymyositis/Sclerodermie 8 - 24 tests 66PMSD8D
BlueDot Polymyositis/Sklerodermie 12 - 24 tests 66PMS12D
DrDOT Software - 1 CD 66DRDOT



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