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Loopamp - Assays

LAMP is characterized by the use of 4 different primers specifically designed to recognize 6 distinct regions on the target gene. The reaction process proceeds at a constant temperature (about 65C) using strand displacement reaction. Amplification and detection of a gene can be completed in a single step, by incubating the mixture of samples, primers, DNA polymerase at a constant temperature. Depending on the target sequence it provides high amplification efficiency, with DNA being amplified 109-1010 times in 15-60 minutes. Because of its high specificity of the primers for the target gene, the detection of amplified product indicates the presence of the target gene. For details see individual kits.

The list of LAMP kits covers detection of various bacterial and viral agents for clinical diagnostics or food analysis and general DNA and RNA amplification kits.

The Noro G1 and G2 kits are CE marked.

Product Name    
Loopamp Campylobacter detection kit, for res. - 48 tests 67LMP721
Loopamp E.coli O157 detection kit, for res. - 48 tests 67LMP631
Loopamp Fluorescence detection kit, for res. - 96 tests 67LMP221
Loopamp Legionella detection kit, for res. - 48 tests 67LMP661
Loopamp Listeria monocyt. kit, for res. - 48 tests 67LMP701
Loopamp Norovirus G I, detection kit CE - 48 tests 67LMC301
Loopamp Norovirus G II, detection kit CE - 48 tests 67LMC302
Loopamp Salmonella detection kit, for res. - 48 tests 67LMP601
Loopamp Verotoxin typing kit, for res. - 48 tests 67LMP641



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