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Infectious Diseases - Blots

Mast Diagnostica GmbH manufactures blots based on nitrocellulose strips stabilized with polyester material. The blots are coated with various highly specific antigens as confirmatory tests for IgG- or IgM- positive syphilis samples.

Each strip contains an integrated positive control for validation of correct performance and an integrated negative control for an easy and correct clinical interpretation of results.

  • All needed material including incubation trays are included.
  • No external control needed
  • Stable polyester carrier membrane
  • Easy interpretation of antibody profile
  • Easy and permanent documentation by
     -Glue strip on the documentation sheet
     -Name of parameter on the strips
     -Numbered strips

Mast Diagnostica GmbH also manufactures western blots for the detection of antibodies to borrelia.

Product Name    
MASTABLOT TP IgG Line-Blot - 8 tests 6653G08
MASTABLOT TP IgM Line-Blot - 8 tests 6653M08
TP IgG pos. serum - 0,1 mL 626653GK
TP IgM pos. serum - 0,1 mL 626653MK



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