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Newsletter 16 - Syphilis antibody confirmatory test

24 July 2015

Syphilis antibody confirmatory test

Positive –syphilis-screening results have to be confirmed by using tests like FTA-ABS to differentiate the immunoglobuline subclasses like IgG or IgM.

FTA-ABS – Fluorescence Treponema-Antibody Absorption test

Treponema (Nichols strain) are immobilised as antigen on slides. Specific FITC conjugated anti human IgG (anti gamma chain) or IgM (anti µ chain) is used to determine the individual immunoglobuline class. For the determination of IgM it has to be separated from IgG.

Proficiency studies as external quality assurance show the high quality of the attending laboratories as well as the excellent quality of our products, resulting in marked leadership since years.

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